Saturday, December 29, 2007

new Tangent Joker cover for DC

I created this character with Karl Kesel and Tom Simmons 10 years ago, feeling a little old today. This cover is for some new Tangent-related thing DC is doing, inked once again by the talented Tom Simmons (my old college roommate, no less). Nice to revisit her again! I'll post the color version soon. - mh

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Teaser poster mockup for SAFE

Colds suck. Flu sucks even worse, in that I still have to work. While trying to stay awake and attentive the other night, I banged together a poster mockup for SAFE, the film project I am putting together with screenwriter Thomas L. Hart. This won't ever see print, it's just so everybody involved gets an idea of the tone of the film. Enjoy! - mh
PS - crap, now I can't decide which version I like better. Votes?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remember When...

... all small publishers thought they had to compete with the Big Two (or Three) by creating garish superhero-type comics? This is a piece I did as a wraparound cover for something called CLONE CORPS, colored by my old pal Moose Baumann who always does a first-rate job. Have no idea if this ever came out. Enjoy! - mh

Friday, December 14, 2007


Look, I work at home, and that means I have to find things to keep myself from slowly going nutters. Usually this takes the form of really awful movies with 'splosions and guys in rubber suits duking it out.

... yes, I probably need help. One of my absolute favorite bad Japanese sci-fi movies came out last week on DVD, LATITUDE ZERO (1970) and the cast alone is worth the price. Joseph Cotten (I mean, he was in CITIZEN KANE and THE THIRD MAN, for Pete's sake) as the captain of the high-tech submarine "Alpha", Cesar Romero (Yes, that Cesar Romero) as the villainous "Malik", and Richard Jaeckel (yes, I know he was in THE DIRTY DOZEN, but come on) as the avaricious reporter who can't believe all the weird shit going on around him. There's nothing quite like seeing TV's "Joker" about to saw a girl's skull open and saying things like "I'm going to take out your braaaain!!" Classic stuff.

The point to all this is that a lot of '60s and '70s film had unbelievably good poster art, and LATITUDE ZERO has a great one. Completely unrecognizable as the actual cast, Joseph Cotten's stand-in on the poster looks more like a rugged George Hamilton, spraying flaming death from his goofy glove. Just look at this!

You can order LATITUDE ZERO here:

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Now, you all know I love Dan. I do. Really. Sure, I'm jealous of his pecs, not to mention his ability with a pencil. But when he said "start a blog", I dug in my heels.

I hate blogs. I do. Blogs are like opinions (seems like everybody's got one), and who gives two dice about mine? I'm an artist, I have nothing important to say. Or blog about.

"But it's useful for networking..."

Fine. I'll blog, but I won't like it. I have nothing important to say, just art I like. I'm trying to make myself draw more fun stuff in and around my freelance schedule (which is getting harder to do these days), and myspace is kind of lame, so I'll do this.

Not being a huge Star Wars fan, I was stunned to come out of my latest Scotch-induced stupor to find this staring back at me on my desktop. Apparently I drew it. Enjoy! - mh