Thursday, December 13, 2007


Now, you all know I love Dan. I do. Really. Sure, I'm jealous of his pecs, not to mention his ability with a pencil. But when he said "start a blog", I dug in my heels.

I hate blogs. I do. Blogs are like opinions (seems like everybody's got one), and who gives two dice about mine? I'm an artist, I have nothing important to say. Or blog about.

"But it's useful for networking..."

Fine. I'll blog, but I won't like it. I have nothing important to say, just art I like. I'm trying to make myself draw more fun stuff in and around my freelance schedule (which is getting harder to do these days), and myspace is kind of lame, so I'll do this.

Not being a huge Star Wars fan, I was stunned to come out of my latest Scotch-induced stupor to find this staring back at me on my desktop. Apparently I drew it. Enjoy! - mh


Urban Barbarian said...

My advice is to steer clear of Panosian! The guy is simply bad news! Ask anyone!!!

Thomas Zahler said...

Dan is a horrible, dangerous man. That time he convinced me to kill a man at the Saddle Ranch just to watch him die still haunts me.

You know, you could link to my blog, too...

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Dan once stole my lunch, then made me pay him to get it back.

Stear clear!!

Matt is cool,tho. Never steals anything...but our hearts!


william wray said...

I'm still waiting by the phone for Dan's call. I guess were not going to the prom afterall.

Matt said...

Dan is a sweet sweet boy, and we're all just jealous. You should see him in a prom dress!

Psylon said...

So did you ever get the go ahead to start makin prints of this poster? I'd still love one.